Users Setup



1. To add or edit a user, click on Users link in the left menu under Setup




2. This will open the following window. Here, you can Add, Edit, Remove, or Copy existing users.






Add new user:

You can add a new user by clicking the 7_27_3 button to create a new user. For information about how to set up the new user, see User Account.



Edit a user:

You can edit a user by clicking the 7_27_5 button next to the user you would like to edit. For information about editing the user records, see User Account.



Invite Selected Users:

Since you cannot view your employees' passwords, you will want to email each employee with their login credentials for their first login or if they ever forget their password. To do this you simply have to select the users whom you want to email their individual login information and select the inviteIcon button next to "Invite Selected Users". This will open a window where you can edit the email message and send the email to the selected users.



Remove a user:
You can remove a user by clicking the remove button next to the user you would like to delete. Be aware that you cannot undo this.



Copy user information:

If you would like to create a new user with the same information and settings as another user, click the 4_21_08h button next to the user you would like to duplicate. This will copy all user information minus the General Information tab and you will then be able to create a new user.