Under Review (UseUnderReview)

Allows manager to give a “maybe” answer to approving time off.  If manager chooses “Under Review” instead of Approve or Decline, this will create a time off block wit the corresponding “RQ” type for the time off reason.


This requires addition setup from  support. Manager should setup RQ types for each time off reason that will have the option to approve on an “under review” basis.  Then once WorkSchedule.Net support in informed that this is setup, WorkSchedule.Net will link RQ types so that the feature works properly. (EX: PTO and PTORQ get linked)



After contacting support and having the option enabled, you will then have an additional RQ time off reason for each that will be linked.





Now when approving time off, you will have the option to approve (APP), decline (DEC), or put under review (REV).






When later deciding on the final decision for the time off request, highlight the time block(s) in question, go to the Edit drop-down menu and click Post process time off. You may do this for many shifts at once, or on a per shift basis.





Then choose whether to approve or decline the request under review.




The time off block will then either be moved to its linked time off (PTORQ to PTO), or be deleted (If you declined).