Time off ledgers



In the time off ledgers screen, you perform your actual transactions where you can add, take off, or modify time off days in different accounts. Under Time Off Accounts Tab in the Setup menu on the left side, click on Time Off Ledgers.




Then you will be able to view all the transactions (all the time off days that were given to the employee by the manager, and all the days off taken by the employee) per account. You can also add new transactions to all or specific number of employees in one transaction.







To add a new transaction to a certain employee, choose the account and the employee name and then click 7_27_3


add new transaction


edit transaction


Choose a description for the transaction,and specify how many days you want to be added, and then click Submit.





If you want to add a transaction to more than one employee, or to all employees at the same time, click on 11_25_07t, and then on the list of employees, choose all the employees that you want by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking individual employee names. You also can click on the first employee name and hold down the SHIFT key then click on the last employee to select all employees.




To view all the transactions for an employee, choose the account and the employee name from the drop down menus. The screen below shows an example of the time off account 2014 for Thomas Bailey. The days given by the manager are credited to his account (positive value in the #Days column) while the days off taken by the employee are deducted from his account (negative value in the #Days column). The balance column shows how many days are left in his account. Older transactions are presented at the bottom, and newer ones are at the top. So, the first row in the ledger reflects the most recent balance in his 2014 account.