Manager setup

Manager Setup

To setup your schedule on the Schedule HOTLINE, call 1-8-ON-TIME-123 and login to the system as a "manager" by pressing #2 on your telephone keypad. You will be prompted to enter your login information.

Add Information Items on the Schedule HOTLINE

When a manager adds any category items into the system such as Departments, Tasks, etc., he/she should add these items to the Schedule HOTLINE for the employees to receive this information verbally.

As a manager, you can call the Schedule HOTLINE and record your own voice speaking the names of the items. Before calling, print out a HOTLINE Report to figure out the numbering of the items that you just added.

Choose one of the following options after you login:
"To record information items by item number, press 1"
This feature is mainly for re-voicing old information items. Press 1 if you prefer to change any of the previous recording that you did for a certain item.
"To record all information items that you haven't voiced yet, press 2"
This is the easiest way to enter information items, because the system prompts the manager for only the information items that have been added to the web site, but not yet been recorded on the telephone system.
At this time there is no other maintenance or setup that the manager needs to do with regards to the Schedule HOTLINE. It pretty much just runs itself with the exception of the information items, as explained above. However, some fancy new features are in the works. If an employee calls in to hear his/her schedule, and there is an information item attached to a shift that has not been voiced, they simply will not hear that information item, but will be able to retrieve the other information regarding their schedule, like the dates and times.