Show Conflicts/ Show all Main Groups

In the Views Menu, you can choose to show conflicts, and/or show all main groups.




This feature causes the time block editor to show main rows for ALL groups that exist, regardless of whether any time blocks in the view range are attached to the group. By main rows, we mean the first level sort that you chose in the sort section. For example, if your first sort was by department, and you choose to show all main groups, all the departments available in your company will show on the view, even if some of them don't ave any attached time blocks.


Setting this feature on, will often result in showing many blank rows. This allows easy copying of selected time blocks from one group to another, since the blank row now exists -- and therefore you can click the left group link to get the pop-up menu and copy the time blocks to the row. For example, if the view is sorted by employee, you could easily copy Employee A's schedule to Employee B without Employee B needing to have had at least one time block scheduled already.


Note that Show all main groups only takes effect when you have one level of sorting, not two or three.




1. Make sure that there is only one level of sorting on the sort bar.




2. On the view menu, click Show all main groups:






Here's an example of how the current schedule looks like when sorted by task, and show all main groups is off - only the tasks tat have time blocks associated with them are displayed:





If we set show all main groups on, all other tasks are shown on the left hand side, so the manager can easily copy time blocks from one row to another.





Here's another example of how the schedule will look like when sorted by employee - all employees names will show in the left column, even if they don't have time blocks associated to them.