How to create the schedule

In WorkSchedule.Net it could be better said that you are "creating more schedule".  As time passes, you can add a few weeks, or a few months, each time you schedule to the end of the posted portion. Your employees can only see the posted portion of the schedule.  Everything before the posted portion of your schedule is history, and everything after it is under construction.  It is normally this "under construction" area that you add to, although you are permitted to change the posted area. But keep in mind that some of your employees may have already checked their schedules. So if you are not using Schedule Alerts, you may need to email them to let them know that the schedule changed.  See Emailing employees.






Before completing step 1, make sure that you have updated the recurring schedule, user records, and any rules that might need to be revised.


1. IN CURRENT SCHEDULE: Initialize the schedule to default your new week or weeks to the "normal" week(s) in your recurring schedule.  This gives you a starting point.


2. IN CURRENT SCHEDULE: Make modifications that adjust the schedule to what makes sense for the actual week(s) you are scheduling.  This may involve auto-scheduling to fill in open time blocks, manual adjustments, or both.


3. IN CURRENT SCHEDULE: Post the schedule by indicating the new post date, which limits how far into the future your employees can see the schedule.