Payroll Export

New to version 8, managers and administrators can now export payroll for use in external payroll systems. Payroll is exported in CSV format which can be preformatted to SurePayroll, Paychex, ADP, or a plain CSV file, with more coming soon.





1. Edit Overtime settings


In General Options, edit the Overtime Multiplier and Weekly Overtime Threshold.



Overtime Multiplier: This number will be multiplied by the employee's regular pay rate to calculate the overtime rate. If you do not want overtime pay, enter 1 into this box.


Weekly Overtime Threshold (in hours): Any hours worked past this amount in a given week will be counted as overtime and will use the overtime pay rate.




NOTE: WorkSchedule.Net only handles a single weekly overtime threshold amount. We do not handle any other overtime laws or rules, such as a daily threshold. Please check with your state government for any additional overtime laws to ensure full compliance with state and federal regulations.




2. Add Payroll ID to Employees


Each employee who will have their payroll exported must have a Payroll ID inside their User Account. This is the ID that is designated to the employee in your payroll service.











From:        Choose the schedule that you would like to export the shifts from -

         Current Schedule will take the time the employee has been scheduled for in the selected date range.

         Attendance will take the time for the shifts that the employee has stated, from clock in or manual attendance.


Employees: Select the employees you want to export payroll for. You can select all employees, select specific departments, or select specific employees.


Start Date: The beginning date in the date range for the shifts.


End Date: The last date in the date range for the shifts.


Payroll Service: WorkSchedule.Net will automatically format the CSV in the format required by the payroll providers. Use Generic CSV if you do not have a listed provider.







You can the preview the payroll information after clicking the Preview button. When finished, click Export to download the CSV file.