Other View Settings



For those who need further customization in their schedule, Other view settings contain features which are not usually used, but could be useful to schedulers on occasion. These can be accessed under the View drop-down.


1. From the top menu, go to View | Other view settings.











Day column width:

This option will change the width of each day of the week in pixels when the week is viewed in 14 days or higher.


Suppress time block time:

By default, start and end times will both show on the time block. With this option, you can modify to only show the start time, or do not show a time on the time block.


Use Fixed Left Column:

This option will lock the sort columns from moving when scrolling. This option does not work with Firefox.


Show Viewed Time Blocks:

When an employee views their schedule, "Viewed" will appear in the time block that they have viewed.


Suppress Total Hours:

This will suppress the total hours column on the right.


Show Hours In Time Blocks:

This option will enable viewing the total number of hours inside of the time block.


Show Double Scheduling Alert:

This option will show the red double scheduling banner at the top of the schedule.