Modifying the current schedule



After initializing the current schedule, you will probably need to make adjustments in the Current Schedule that reflect the circumstances of the week(s) you are scheduling.  Some employees may be off. You may have open time blocks that need to be assigned to employees.  Or you may have slight changes in the start and end times or other properties of your time blocks.


You can choose from a variety of ways to adjust your schedule at this point in the scheduling process.  Sometimes the answer may be a combination of more than one method.




The simplest way to modify the current schedule is through manual changes. See Manipulating time blocks.




Using the best fit feature, is sort of a manual assist or partially automated scheduling function.  This feature allows you to use the intelligence of the system, based on your rules, to determine which employee is the best fit for any given time block.  For instruction on how to use this feature, see Best Fit.




The auto-scheduling feature automatically assigns employees to open shifts in the schedule, based on your rules. See Auto-schedule.