Manually scheduling time off

Since time off blocks are just like regular time blocks, you can simply add time off blocks in the current schedule.  This is done the same way as you would add time blocks for time on, but instead you would indicate that the time block represents time off, as shown below.




Enter the properties of the time block, as you would for any other time block, but take note of two differences.


1. You will probably want to force the number of hours credited for the time off block, by choosing the "Use this # hrs" option.  This way you can block off any time range you want, without affecting the number of hours credited for the time block.


2. Choose "Time off" where asked "Is this time working, or time off?".  Then make sure you choose which type of time off to the right.


3. Choose Time Off Account





After submitting the new time off block, you will see it appear in the schedule.