How Time Blocks In Attendance Are Generated

When an employee clocks in then clocks out, a time block is created in the Attendance Schedule. When this time block is created, the system tries to figure out what shift from the Current Schedule the user is clocking in for so it can copy that information into the shift in Attendance. After creating the time block in Attendance, the system will look in the Current Schedule and see if it can find a shift within a day of the clock in and out time. If it does find a shift, then it will look at the first field of this Current Schedule shift. If there is information in this field, it will take that information and copy it to the Attendance shift. However, if the field in this Current Schedule shift is blank or if the system does not find a nearby shift in the Current Schedule, then it will look at the User's record to copy the information from the first field in the "Home Department" tab. 


After filling in the first field of data, WSDN will then look to fill in the second row of data. First it will look in the Current Schedule shift (if there was a nearby shift found), then it will look in the user's "Home Department" tab. It will continue in this manner until all fields are filled or have been confirmed to be blank in both the Current Schedule and the user's record.