Hours Report

When you click on the Hours Report, the following screen will be displayed.




You can use this screen to input information that will make your report more specific. In addition to the start and end date, you can choose to display information relative to a particular department, area, task, or any other category that you defined. You can also narrow down the report by selecting "choose time" and editing the time for the specific hours necessary for your report (defaults to 12:00AM of the start date to 11:59PM of the end date if not selected ). The options that you choose will act as filters, and therefore the report will only display a subset of your data, based on what you have chosen.


After you choose the options, click on Create Report. A document titled "Hours Report" will be generated with the following column fields for the selected time period:


Last Name, First Name


You can use the Hours report to know how many hours your employees worked in the selected time period.