Getting Started

Welcome to WorkSchedule.Net Version 8!  Now faster, easier to use, and more powerful!


WorkSchedule.Net is an intelligent, fast, feature-rich online employee scheduling solution. The system has now expanded to include attendance capabilities, including an online time sheet and time clock. Employees can check their schedules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can access their schedules by web or by phone with our Schedule HOTLINE.


To quickly start creating your schedule, click here.


To understand the main building block of your schedule, the time block, click here.


Within the WorkSchedule.Net system, there are two major areas: The employee area and the manager area.  Mangers control what employees can see and do in their accounts, and therefore, it's highly advisable to review the employee's area section of this manual to see how the options that managers set will affect their employees' accounts.