Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:


I have scheduled shifts in the Current Schedule, but my employees can't see their schedule. Instead they get the message "This week is outside of your viewable range." What is wrong?

You must post your schedule in order for your employees to view it. As you go forward in time, creating new schedules for each week, you don't want your employees to look at the schedule before you are done with those future weeks. Your employees will always see the schedule only from the current date through the date to which you have posted the schedule. For help on how to post, look at the tutorial under "Scheduling each week" in the help.

How quickly can my employees see changes to the schedule?

As soon as you post your schedule your employees can view any changes. All changes to the schedule occur in real time.

Is my data secure?

All access inside your account is secured by SSL technology. Your information is backed up every 10 minutes.

I love the idea of automatic scheduling, but I have a situation that's more complicated, and a set of standard rules doesn't do the trick. What can I do?

We recognize that every scheduling situation is unique. That's why we have an expert team of scheduling consultants who can develop a custom solution for your particular needs. Call us at 866-846-3123 and ask about our consulting services.

What if you go down? How will we access our schedule?

Our servers are located in state of the art data centers that have multiple redundant power backup and redundant internet connectivity to ensure that our servers stay operational all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days week. We also have several backup servers located throughout the United States that are always standing by in case of an emergency. We do recommend that you print out your schedule often just in case, mainly because you may lose the internet connection in your location. We have virtually no downtime.

Can the system handle scheduling breaks?

Yes. You can schedule up to 10 breaks per shift.

I don't want my employees to be able to swap shifts among themselves. Can I disable this feature?

Yes. Simply go to the employee's user record in your account uncheck the box that says "Allow employee to swap shifts?"

Can I add notes for my employees to see on their schedule?

Yes. You can add notes for each shift you post.

Can the system handle military time?

Yes. In the setup wizard you can choose to use either the standard am/pm format or military time. You can also change this at any time inside General Options.

Is their a limit to the number of locations, departments, or tasks I can setup?

Currently there is no limit to the number of locations, department, and tasks you can enter.

How long does the system retain schedule and attendance history?

18 months.