Least hours so far by category



When you add this rule, the system looks at all employees' scheduled time so far in a certain department/area/task or any other category, and gives priority of scheduling for the employee who has least number of hours by giving him/her the highest grade for a time block. The system tries to even out all employees' number of hours so that all employees in a certain department, task, area, etc.. have a fair turn.




Shows in rules as:

Schedule employees with the least hours scheduled so far, per category item




Category, Factor of Importance, and Number of hours equal to 100%




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This rule has the following parameter(s):


 1. Category: Enter here the category that you want to enforce this rule in.


 2. Factor of importance: Enter here a number that specifies how important this rule is with respect to other preference rules.


 3. Number of hours equal to 100%: Enter here the maximum number of hours your employees can work in a specific time period in the specified category.


For example,  let's assume you chose the Department category,and entered the number 40 for number of hours equal to 100%. If employee A has worked for department 'X' 10 hours, he/she will be graded 25%. Employee B has worked for department 'X' 30 hours, so he/she will be graded 75%. Employee A has a lowest grade, so he/she will have higher priority in scheduling than employee B.