Employee preference



You can allow employees to specify if they prefer to work certain times or days using the Employee Preference rule. If you set up this rule, the employee will be able to choose one of the following options for a certain time period that they specify in their availability area.  These two choices are automatically added to their list of options when adding or modifying availability time blocks in the employee area:


I would prefer to work
I am available but prefer not to work


When auto-scheduling, the system will generate the grade for each employee according to the option they choose. To better understand how the system uses grades to choose the best employee, please refer to Grades section.


For example, if the manager added an open time block between 12:00pm and 5:00pm, and employees A and B, chose the 2 listed options above respectively for that same time, and employee C did not add any time block at all for that time, the grades would be as follows: Employee A (who would prefer to work) will be graded 100% for the time block, employee B (who would prefer not to work) will be graded 0%. Employee C, who gave no information on it one way or the other, will be graded 50% for the time block.


Note that an employee can choose his/her availability for any period of time, so the employees may have chosen their preference for only part of the time block specified by the manager. In this case, the system will take into consideration the percentage of the time block covered and will calculate the grade accordingly.




Shows in rules as:

Schedule employees who prefer to work first




Factor of Importance




Click here for more information on how to edit this rule.






This rule has the following parameter(s):


 1. Factor of importance: Enter here a number that specifies how important this rule is with respect to other preference rules.




Settings on the manager's side to add the preference options:


1. Check the "Allow employees to indicate their availability online" box in the "Auto-Schedule" section on the Employee's user account.


user autoschedule


2. Add the availability rule that you want: Schedule only when declared available, or Do not schedule when declared unavailable.


3. Add the preference rule to your list of rules so that the preference options show on the employee's screen.



How does the employee declare preference:


After the manager adds the setting described above to allow proper functioning of the preference rule, employees can declare their preference in the "My Availability" screen. Employees click on Add time on a certain day in the Availability screen, and choose one of the three options shown in the screen below:



Here's how the time blocks look like in all three cases: