Entering dates and times



In most places where you choose a date, you are either given a drop down list, or a calendar pop up which will format the date for you.  If you are entering a date somewhere that is free text, use dashes to separate the day, month and year.  Use the format mm-dd-yyyy for American or dd-mm-yyyy for European.




WorkSchedule.Net allows flexible entry of times.  


Standard Time:


For standard "am/pm" time, the entry is not case sensitive, and you can just use a "p" or an "a" to indicate "am" or "pm". If no "am" or "pm" indication is given, WorkSchedule.Net assumes you mean am.


Examples of valid formats: "6 pm", "6:00 pm", "6:00p", "6"

Examples of invalid formats: "600"


Military Time:


WorkSchedule.Net handles military time slightly differently from the common way of denoting military, in that WorkSchedule.Net uses a colon to separate the hours from the minutes.  This is done for readability.  You must use a colon or the time will not be recognized as valid.


Examples of valid formats: "11:00", "11"

Examples of invalid formats: "1100"