Current Availability

Make sure you understand the concepts in How Availability Works in WorkSchedule.Net before reading this topic.


Current Availability


1.When showing All Employees, Current Availability screen always shows the availability data reflecting the "My Typical Week" data from each employee's account.
2.When showing All Employees, managers cannot do any time block manipulation for the Current Availability screen (Notice how Edit, Select, and View menus are not available in the image below)




3. In Current Availability screen, it's only possible to modify the data for one employee at a time. To do so:


First, choose that employee from the drop down list at the top in the cross-section toolbar.

Second, click on Override this employee's normal availability this week below.  In the following example, we choose to override Sarah Johnson's availability for the week of Wednesday, January 2nd.






Now, managers will be able to do any time block manipulation (Notice how Edit, Select, and View menus are once again available on the screen)







In this example, we want to add a time block to declare Sarah Johnson Unavailable on Saturday January 5th.





Categories are usually not very important to change in this context, so make sure to click on the "Add this new time block to Current Availability" box if you did not do any changes or else the time block will not be created.




Click Submit, then this week will be different from the typical week for Sarah.




Very Important Note: If after you do manipulations to an employees typical week, you click on Use this employee's normal availability for this week button, the system restores the Typical Week availability data, and you lose all your changes.