WorkSchedule.Net's automated scheduling features include:


1. Auto-schedule: Automatically assigns employees to all the open time blocks in your schedule.


2. Show Conflicts:  A viewing mode that automatically detects scheduling conflicts in your schedule.


3. Best Fit: This feature allows you to use the intelligence of the system to determine which employee is the Best Fit for any given time block. The system grades your employees and lets you choose an employee to make the actual assignment.


You are required to declare your open shifts, by building your schedule, and then set up your rules to be able to use these automation features correctly.


In addition, WorkSchedule.Net uses your eliminating rules to manage:


1. Sign up: This feature allows your employees to sign up for open time blocks in the posted schedule, also called job bidding.


2. Swap: This feature allows your employees to offer or accept offered shifts, also called shift trading.


To know more on how you can optimize your rules for swap and sign up, please click here.



Managers and scheduling administrators configure rules to setup scheduling conditions in WorkSchedule.Net. Setting up your rules correctly eliminates scheduling errors, minimizes any unnecessary overtime, and allows you to build the schedule based on your employees' preference, rank, qualifications, and/or pay rate. Rules are customizable to provide unlimited flexibility to optimize your schedule based on your company policies.

Rules fall into one of two categories: eliminating or preference. It is important to know which type of rule you are dealing with.

Eliminating Rules: When you add an eliminating rule, you are restricting your schedule by eliminating employees from being allowed on any given time block. For example the maximum hours rule, tells the system that if an employee reaches the maximum hours allowed in a time range, he or she must NOT be considered for further scheduling during that time range.

For a list of all available eliminating rules, please check the Eliminating Rules topic.

Preference Rules: When you setup preference rules, you build a hierarchy of rules to show WorkSchedule.Net which rules matter the most to you. Based on your preference (the rules that matter most to you), the system will grade each employee for each time block of your schedule.

For a list of all available preference rules, please check the Preference Rules topic.


In addition, if your company has specific needs for more rules, our scheduling consultants are always ready to discuss creating Custom Rules for you.

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