In addition to its rich scheduling features, WorkSchedule.Net allows you to track actual attendance as well, separately from the schedule.  This is handled by the attendance module.  Like the current schedule and recurring schedule, the attendance modules utilizes a time block editor, which manipulates time blocks in almost exactly the same way.


Generally, you have two ways to utilize the attendance module: through initialization or through use of our time clock feature.


Initialize from the current schedule

Populate the attendance data by copying the time blocks from the same dates in the current schedule each week, or several weeks at a time.

Use the time clock

Employees will be able to click in and clock out from their employee area.


Modifying the attendance

Make edits to attendance through a time block editor.


Exporting to Quickbooks
You can use all the time data you have tracked with WorkSchedule.Net, and move it into QuickBooks Pro® for payroll.

Finalize Attendance